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The Net Lease Market In One Word


The first quarter of 2017 can be summed up with a single word: Stable.  According to our Calkain research team, the entire market only moved 11 bps. This lack of movement was driven by the Dollar Store and Pharmacy sectors.

The Dollar Store sector saw cap rates fall by 16 bps, in line with the overall market movement. The movement of the major tenants, Family Dollar (-28 bps) and Dollar General (-15 bps), paints a deceiving picture. When looking at prime deals (10+ years remaining on the lease), the movement goes from small to near zero. Prime Family Dollar deals …

Traci BidingerThe Net Lease Market In One Word

Fast-Casual Restaurants: Boom or Bust?


Which new fast-casual chain will be the next Chipotle? This a question many investors and landlords wonder and ask. Competition is fierce for these chains across the country. The demand for a small footprint in a premium location is also high. A surge of new fast-casual restaurants has flooded the market in recent years, but not all of them have succeeded.

In the last 10 years many chefs started moving away from traditional sit-down restaurants to fast-casual restaurants where they can do a higher volume, and perhaps make bigger profits in smaller spaces. That’s the theory anyway.

Let’s start with …

AmyFast-Casual Restaurants: Boom or Bust?

Net Lease Thrives, In Contrast To Declining Malls


The 1950s saw the birth of the shopping mall across the nation, yet the era of destination retail stores, especially clothing stores, has been on a downward slide for some time. This trend away from the malls began with the introduction of the internet, bringing convenience and in many cases, lower prices to the consumer. A big wave of store closings that began in 2016 is expected to continue in 2017. However, the common thread is these stores are mostly inline or in shopping malls. What’s interesting is that only a small percent of these stores affect free standing single-tenant …

AmyNet Lease Thrives, In Contrast To Declining Malls

Lessons Learned From Previous Mergers


The recent announcement that Fred’s would purchase upwards of 600 locations from Walgreens/Rite Aid to help ensure approval of their merger, highlights an issue facing some owners of these properties. What happens if my property is slated to be closed?

Despite the 600 locations that Fred’s is going to take over, there will still likely be many other Walgreens and Rite Aid locations that will be in close proximity to each other, that one or the other will be shuttered. Landlords of these properties will of course, still be paid their contractual rents; however, the value of the property will …

AmyLessons Learned From Previous Mergers

What To Expect In December


With the holiday season in full swing, the country will be waiting to see if the Fed will increase interest rates during their meeting on December 14th. Following Trump’s presidential election victory, we have seen a surge in S&P, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq.  The Dollar has also advanced and we’ve seen a rise in bond yields.  Meanwhile, cap rates have continued to compress this year, with some STNL properties trading at record low cap rates. Clearly, that trend can’t hold on for much longer, a tune we’ve all been singing for a while.

A major indicator for a rate hike …

AmyWhat To Expect In December

A Dollar-Store Comparison


Dollar stores were once looked upon as second-class citizens in the retail world. Well, that is far from the case nowadays.

Since the recession, consumers have been more discerning in their shopping choices, and looking for deals at various outlets instead of just going to a single store to do their purchasing.

Dollar stores are at the forefront of this consumer pattern now, in part due to enhancements in their merchandise mix, offering a wider array of food, health products and over-the-counter healthcare products at inexpensive prices.

We are going to examine the country’s two largest dollar chains, Dollar General, …

Traci BidingerA Dollar-Store Comparison

Restaurant Space Sells For $1,169 Per SF | Lingerfelt Expands VA Footprint


WASHINGTON, DC—1132 19th St., NW, the erstwhile home of 70 years of Famous Luigi’s, has traded or $6.4 million, or $1,168 per square foot. The property was listed by Calkain Urban Investment Advisors’ Rick Fernandez and Andrew Fallon earlier this year in March, at an asking price of $6.5 million.

The property is a single-use, multi-level restaurant that was leased last year to Bonfire, a new restaurant by Provision 14’s Social Restaurant Group. Bonfire opened several weeks ago.

The 15-year lease has structured rent increases of 3% a year.


AmyRestaurant Space Sells For $1,169 Per SF | Lingerfelt Expands VA Footprint